Photography changes from day to day, with every client having their own unique style, and each wanting different things from their wedding photography. We are able to tailor our wedding photography to suit your needs, your style and you wedding day. We are non invasive to your wedding day yet we provide creative, artistic and incredible images that capture the love and happiness found on your special day.  At Wicked Entertainment we take pride in being professional and friendly making you feel as comfortable as possible on your wedding day. We offer services from bridal preparation all the way till the party starts with first dance.


We will go out of out way to make sure that your wedding day is as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Our packages start from £895 for photography covering from Bridal Preparation until the first dance, other packages are available.  If you wish to contact us or learn more about what we have to offer please visit our website here  alternatively feel free to email us at or call us on 01743 246072 

White LED Starlit Dancefloors
We maintain our Dancefloors to the absolute highest level of standards. This is done, not just through general cleaning, but resurrecting panels as we have an in house Dept called Dancefloor Resurrection. This enables us to provide you with high gloss beautiful Dancefloors..EVERYTIME.

We believe you NEVER get a second chance to create a first impression and your Dancefloor should be in absolute pristine condition, especially as it’s one of the main focal points for your party. It can also add a beautiful, amazing sparkle to that extra special first dance!

Colour Commander LED Dance Floor
Presenting the world’s only RGB colour, wireless, portable dance floor that is a must have for any special event.

Helping to take your party to a new dimension is the ultimate, new super-bright, RGB LED’s Colour Commander Dance Floor and it is, without a doubt, the coolest dance floor EVER….making your guests want to show off their latest dance moves and party all night.

The very latest in Dancefloor technology can be controlled from the command centre and it can display patterns, photos, logos, animated text and even your company or personal names on the unique dance floor.