Photography changes from day to day, with every client having their own unique style, and each wanting different things from their wedding photography. We are able to tailor our wedding photography to suit your needs, your style and you wedding day. We are non invasive to your wedding day yet we provide creative, artistic and incredible images that capture the love and happiness found on your special day.  At Wicked Entertainment we take pride in being professional and friendly making you feel as comfortable as possible on your wedding day. We offer services from bridal preparation all the way till the party starts with first dance.


We will go out of out way to make sure that your wedding day is as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Our packages start from £895 for photography covering from Bridal Preparation until the first dance, other packages are available.  If you wish to contact us or learn more about what we have to offer please visit our website here  alternatively feel free to email us at or call us on 01743 246072 

The disco is, of course, the central focus of my work and my experience in this area is second-to-none. First and foremost, I understand that your wedding day is all about you. You want your guests to remember how much fun they had; you want your party to be different from all others; you want your event to be considered ‘The wedding of the year’.

Fortunately, in considering me, you’ve most definitely come to the right place. I’ve done an extensive amount of events, and my experience of performing at a wide range of events and venues all over the world is hard to match. I have a huge music collection, coupled with an extensive knowledge of different musical styles. Plus, my 10,000+ hours experience as an international club DJ ensures that I also have the skill in mixing tracks together seamlessly to keep people dancing as opposed to the old fashioned style of talking between each song.